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Many people start their own business without realizing what is involved in running a company. Good people, people with the best intentions at heart and goals in mind. People who genuinely want to help others by providing a valuable product and/or service. 

Then the nightmares begin. Image result for nightmare images

Perhaps you’re very good at your trade but have little or no idea how to correctly form a company, run a business, keep up with the laws or regulations, and bring in new customers—let alone keep track of projects, employees, and accounting practices. 

You find yourself having to learn how to do so many things that it becomes overwhelming, even crushing at times. Even if you try to seek out help, the answers you get to the problems you are facing are not always right, causing more heartache.  These things prevent you from having the time or energy to perform your craft, which actually makes the income. 

Money becomes difficult to generate. Image result for trashed money

You feel like a rat in a maze that has no exit! Image result for rat in maze

The reason this foundation course was built, is to help provide answers by utilizing simple yet proven solutions to the problems you face when operating a company, small or large. 

In my forty-six years in the construction and contracting business I have faced every one of the problems you encounter and some you haven’t yet. 

I have spent almost half a century finding the answers that have helped me get and stay on the path to success, building and selling three companies as well as rescuing dying entities from the ashes of failure. 

It is my duty to help you avoid the mistakes I (and so many other entrepreneurs) made early on and achieve your goals and dreams. The way I can do that is to teach you the basic proven methods and coach you into putting them to work in your company. 

I want to help you be WAY on top! Image result for pictures of earth from space

My goal in creating the book The Nuts and Bolts of Erecting a Contracting Empire was to develop a set of principles and practices to help any construction or contracting (or tradesman or mechanic) enterprise avoid mistakes and navigate through or around that maze. These are principles and practices that, when followed, allow you to establish and continually improve the basis of operations in your company, all the way up the line. 

That is what is contained within this course. It is a master’s degree from the School of Hard Knocks. It is a doctorate degree from the Graduate University of Trial and Error. 

This course and the information in it, coupled with the exercises you’ll do, will help you turn your efforts into a company you can be very proud of and pass on to the next generation, or sell for top dollar when you are ready. 

You Will Learn and You Will Earn by Doing This Course.         

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Course curriculum

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    Chapter #1

    • About Taking the Quizzes

    • Chapter One - Basics of Ownership

    • Chapter One Quiz

    • Chapter 1 Supplemental

  • 3

    Chapter #2

    • Welcome to Chapter Two - Basics of Administration

    • Chapter Two - Basics of Administration

    • Chapter Two Quiz

    • Chapter 2 Supplemental

  • 4

    Chapter #3

    • Welcome to Chapter Three - Basics of Client Management

    • Chapter Three - Basics of Client Management

    • Chapter Three Quiz

    • Chapter 3 Supplemental

  • 5

    Chapter #4

    • Welcome to Chapter Four - Basics of Company Finance

    • Chapter Four - Basics of Company Finance

    • Chapter Four Quiz

    • Chapter 4 Supplemental

    • Chapter 4 Additional

    • Financial Stupidity

    • Financial Promise

  • 6

    Chapter #5

    • Welcome to Chapter Five - Basics of Production

    • Chapter Five - Basics of Production

    • Chapter Five Quiz

    • Chapter 5 Supplemental

  • 7

    Chapter #6

    • Welcome to Chapter Six - Basics of Quality Control

    • Chapter Six - Basics of Quality Control

    • Chater Six Quiz

    • Chapter 6 Supplemental

  • 8

    Chapter #7

    • Welcome to Chapter Seven - Basics of Creating New Business

    • Chapter Seven - Basics of Creating New Business

    • Chapter Seven Quiz

    • Chapter 7 Supplemental

  • 9

    Chapter #8

    • Welcome to Chapter Eight - Basics of Operation

    • Chapter Eight - Basics of Operation

    • Chapter Eight Quiz

    • Chapter 8 Supplemental

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